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Dear Hacker,

Shipping a technical project that you’re proud of is among the most validating and rewarding things you can do as a young person. College is the best time in our lives to do it—but actually doing it is soooooooooo hard. You have to find something you’d enjoy building, feels unique, and allows you to learn new things, but not too many new things, otherwise you’ll give up. Then, you have to find the time and motivation to actually build the thing—all while being pulled in every direction by academic and social oligations.

It’s no surprise most students simply don’t bother, & graduate never having made something they’re proud of.

Purdue Hackers is a student organization (AKA magical universe) full of radically kind, inclusive, and weirdo creative people who learn new things & ship projects together.

Many of us grew up never having found our people until we were united by our shared love for making things. Via our community, workshops, and Hack Nights, we want to create an environment where you can find your people too, and make magic with them. ✨

If you go to Purdue—whether you've never written code before, or are highly technical, whether you're an art major or a CS major—we invite you to join our universe.

See you soon,

💛⚡️ The Purdue Hackers community


Find Your People 🌈

The heart & soul of Purdue Hackers is our community on Discord with 1000+ people. Share what you've made in #ship, chat about rainbows in #lounge, share your music musings in #music, ask for technical help in #code—wherever you look, you'll find weird, kind, radically inclusive, and really cool people. It's also where we announce upcoming events.

Enter a world of magic, find people who push you to be your best self, and make awesome things together.


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🦀 🦀 🦀 i made a web api to store my reviews of movies. I call it review-api


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made a silly link extender, which puts a ton of loremipsum text as the new link to a webpage

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Ayden B

If the stars align I might be able to join


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Rainbow today

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Rachel S.

a small victory but i made my first discord bot with python :,) right now it serves as my own personal quotebook but i want it to be my own journal i can scream / rant at


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Node.js Device


Price %10
Purdue Hackers Inc
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Live from our Events site

Shaders Workshop

Fri Apr 05 2024

FizzyApple12 ran the shaders workshop this year!!! 17 people showed up and made some cool visuals with code 🌈

Image from the Events site
LWSN B155Hackers: 17
Interpreters Workshop

Thu Feb 01 2024

In this workshop, 95 people learned how interpreters work & added a new feature to a language Mikail made, called RustScript 😎

Check out the slides: https://www.puhack.horse/pl-workshop

Image from the Events site
PHYS 203Hackers: 95
Sound Galaxy Workshop

Thu Jan 18 2024

This was the third time we've run Sound Galaxy (see the 2021 and 2022 editions!). Sound Galaxy inspired our current workshop format: 30 minutes of coding together followed by 30 minutes of hacking—and it's our most successful version of this workshop format. We have yet to run another workshop whose hacking section looks quite like Sound Galaxy's: everyone quickly finds their own unique way to hack on the final product, and they make mind-blowing things. During this edition, more than 10 people stayed well after the scheduled end time of the workshop (7:30) to continue working, which rarely happens. Much 💛 to Sound Galaxy.

Check out some of our favorite hacks:

  • fire: https://editor.p5js.org/acezxn/sketches/V121bXKjK
  • cool movement: https://editor.p5js.org/Mikah-Kainen/sketches/BeHb6zBCE
  • random directions of motion: https://editor.p5js.org/ConTejas624/sketches/-_xZ17NRH
  • sky full of stars: https://editor.p5js.org/pswisniewski1/sketches/_y5cAc6PM
  • cool colors: https://editor.p5js.org/NinaL129/sketches/ODUT-E-R7
  • universe expanding: https://editor.p5js.org/ljchoi007/sketches/hul6Fwa-b
Image from the Events site
LWSN B155Hackers: 50

Workshops are our flagship events, happening every two weeks on average. A typical workshop lasts one hour, and is divided into two sections: 30-40 minutes for coding together, and 20-30 minutes for the "hacking" section, where hackers are challenged to take it further on their own.

Hack Night


The Night is Nigh 🌙

Have you ever felt burdened by the weight of your ever-increasing responsibilities? Do you want to escape from reality, to a plane of existence far away from the endless monotony of daily life? Well, you can't. But you know what you can do? Come to Hack Night! 🌙

Hack Night is uninterrupted time to work on personal projects—anything from a little hack that you ship by the end of the night, to part of a larger project. We run Sessions throughout to help you get started. It's like a mini-hackathon every week. 💫 💻

Join us every Friday at 8pm at the Bechtel Center.


hacknight login: wackhacker


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